Let's Do It Ourselves

Less Government,

More Self-Reliance

Let's Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) has been formed to begin the long road back to where government of the people will again be "by the people and for the people".  That is not a radical, nor an exclusively American aspiration. It is just common sense, and as inheritors of English Common Law, it is our right.

You may be Canadian, American, Australian or British. In fact, if you are a citizen of any democratic country you should be concerned about the erosion of your personal freedom and finances by overreaching, overspending government, and a stifling and intrusive bureaucracy.

Thomas Sowell has said that it is hard to imagine a more stupid way to run our lives than to turn key decisions over to people who will pay no price for getting it wrong.

Yet that is where we find ourselves.

The LDIO™ mission is to provide a platform for an online communitywhere ordinary citizens, families, communities, organizations and businesses, can very easily and very effectively work together to bring about a fundamental change in attitude and direction.

Our Goals

  1. To increase awareness of the cost of excessive government and bureaucracy; to expose the cost in dollars and personal freedom; to expose the stifling of initiative; and reveal the threat to the futures of our children and grandchildren.
  2. To provide citizens with a cost-effective way to become educated, and then to easily and economically become involved in the political process.
  3. To publicize and celebrate success in bypassing or shrinking bureaucracy and in "doing it ourselves".

Our logo is based on the old saying, "Paddle your own canoe." With four people illustrated in the canoe, "your canoe" becomes "our canoe" to emphasize family and community involvement.  Together, let's start paddling our own canoe.

Grab A Paddle