Let's Do It Ourselves


To help create a world in which the governing ethos for individuals, families, and communities, is self-reliance, and helping your neighbours; where governments are entrusted with only those responsibilities that they alone can fulfill. 


To unite the conservative community, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively. 

To use social media to reach out to undiscovered conservatives – especially younger generations.

To use a business model to reliably finance the activities of the Let's Do It Ourselves (LDIO™) community, as well as supporting other advocacy and research organizations.


To fundamentally change the way people perceive the role of government.

To foster an online community where conservative citizens, organizations and businesses can effectively work together, to bring about a reversal of attitude and direction in the broader society.

To provide moral - and in carefully selected instances - financial support for the initiatives of compatible, conservative organizations.

To demonstrate that, by working together, we can force politicians to listen and change direction. 

To celebrate the successful initiatives of individuals and communities that model self-reliance, and ‘good neighborliness,’ on a local, national and international level.