Let's Do It Ourselves


We believe conservatism is a logical, common-sense worldview. We have some exceptional teachers, writers and talk show hosts who do a great job of promoting conservatism. Yet, we conservatives spend much of our time on the ropes. Why? 

Because we spend most of our time talking to each other. So how do we get the message out? Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message!”

We believe there are four types of conservatives. 

Committed Conservatives. CC's are like me and maybe you. We work for and contribute to conservative causes. We think that if we just do more of what we are doing, surely we will make progress. Experience proves otherwise. We win some and lose just as many. And we become ever more ensnared by the nanny-state. 

Discouraged Conservatives. DC's are conservatives but they are tired of the fight. They are convinced that the nanny-state probably can’t be slowed down, let alone stopped or reversed.

Hiding Conservatives. HC's are conservatives but they live or work with liberals. They will not risk friendships and careers on a way of life that is constantly on the defensive. They want to see a way forward. We are convinced that there is. 

Undiscovered Conservatives. We believe that by nature people are conservative. UC's are a huge, untapped demographic of 20 to 50 year olds. Many are members of visible minorities. They are busy with careers and families. They rarely watch news or read books and newspapers. They have little time for politics because they see it all as blah, blah, blah; yada yada yada.