Let's Do It Ourselves


“I do not do politics!”

 You do not do politics… really? You live in a house. You drive a car. You buy anything? You do any of those activities you pay taxes and politics and taxes are inextricably entwined.

“Tell me about Let’s Do It Ourselves.”

Let’s Do It Ourselves is a movement that is designed to empower us to hold politicians to account for all those taxes and rules that they impose on us.

“Is this a new approach?”

Yes it is. The Let’s Do It Ourselves movement is designed to fill a gap in the conservative movement. We have a lot of excellent commentators, writers, journalists, talk shows, that do an excellent job of educating people but it’s at a more high school, university level. We need an entry level and our weekly news clips are going to be the entry level for our children and our grandchildren and for undiscovered conservatives which I believe are the biggest demographic.

“How can I help?”

Well, of course, first of all, buy a membership. Buy a membership for your family. Talk to your friends. Talk to your colleagues. Talk to your family. Talk to your employees about buying memberships. Maybe buy a membership for some of your key employees.

“How will you grow the movement?”

I believe that growing common sense conservatism is no different than any other problem. We take a look at where we are at, what we have been doing right, what we have been doing wrong and where we want to go. Then we look at all the tools and resources that we have available and then we go to work. So I am inviting you to grab a paddle. Let’s do it… ourselves.