Let's Do It Ourselves

Conservative Continent

Individual voters do not have much power. They are sitting on a life raft very much alone. So people organize themselves into special interest or industry groups. We call them islands of interest.

People on these islands might be against higher taxes or the erosion of free speech. They might be for the maintenance of property rights or the second amendment. They can be industry groups like the food service industry, dentists, agricultural groups, automotive dealers and so on.

When an issue arises the affected island’s leader writes a letter to the responsible politician stating their position. The leader encourages the members to write letters. And a few do. The contacted politicians reply, often with a form letter, and then it is back to business as usual. Many of these islands of interest are predominantly conservative. After all, protection of property rights, lower taxes, and smaller government are not exactly liberal values.

We think that these islands of interest need to be organized into a CONSERVATIVE CONTINENT. For instance, when government runs roughshod over the property rights of ranchers and farmers, imagine the impact if the government heard not only from the agriculture industry but the restaurant industry, the automotive industry, the property rights groups and tens of thousands of individuals? We don’t know of any organization that can call on all these individuals, and islands of interest, to speak as one.

The Let's Do It Ourselves community is structured to do exactly that. When an important issue arises we will produce a brief, informative video. Distribute it to all our individual members and to all the issues and industry groups. Members can watch the video at their computer or on their smart phone, click on the Poke Your Politician button and send a message. It will take just 3 or 4 minutes, start to finish. And we will keep the pressure on until we get a satisfactory resolution. When we have won a victory we’ll produce a celebratory video. We will circulate it to our membership and the media and feature it in our COMMUNITY CENTRE.

As we work together and bring in more members our online community will grow ever more powerful. Can you imagine a politician receiving 10 or 100 or 1000 times as many pokes as they are used to? Individuals and groups forming a Conservative Continent will force politicians to think more carefully about your money and how they plan to spend it. They will be less inclined to trample on your freedom. A Conservative Continent will force a return to government by the people and for the people. We are going to do this Margie!