Let's Do It Ourselves

Make It Fit

During the 1990's, Dave Reesor's company, Hydra-Tech developed specialized tools for the railway industry including a jacking system for railcars.  It got rave reviews in Canada so he took it to Missouri, the “Show Me”, state and demonstrated it for the Union Pacific Railway. They recognized his product’s advantages but said that as it was it wouldn’t work on their system.

So he went home and in eight weeks Hydra-Tech had made the necessary changes, added several improvements and returned for another demo. Within three years their jacks were on all major North American Railways. In fact, they had captured over 70% market share against competitors that had been supplying the railways since the 1800s. Clearly they had a superior product. But to sell it they had to adapt it to fit their customers system. We conservatives have exactly the same problem.

We believe conservatism is a provably superior product but we must deliver it in a way that fits our customer’s “system”. What do we mean by that? Remember the UCs, the Undiscovered Conservatives? They’re not going to skip – politically speaking - from kindergarten to university in one jump. We must provide an intermediate step. So, LDIO™ Reports will produce short, informative videos on a key issues. We will send them directly to member’s smart phone or computer.

One example of this kind of video is our,“Politicians Picking Losers”.

The “Poke Your Politician” button will take you straight to the correct politician’s inbox where their actions can be challenged and they can be reminded who works for whom. These videos will remain on the website  and be available for members use. Leading up to an election the videos will be recirculated and before they cast a ballot voters will be reminded about their  politician’s record.

Membership in the Let's Do It Ourselves community will be economical, educational, effective and almost effortless. And that, fellow conservatives, will fit anyone’s system.