Let's Do It Ourselves

Keystone XL Pipeline

May 22, 2013

Hi. I am Dave ReesorThe Keystone XL pipeline has been in the news a lot lately. That is the one that will carry oil from Canada’s oil sands to Steele City, Nebraska. On the way, about 25% of its capacity will be used to pick up oil from North Dakota and Montana. Then from Steele City it will go on the existing Keystone pipeline to refineries in Texas. Canadian and American oil will replace Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil. For some reason that seems to upset some Ho…

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Tractors & Tankers

May 16, 2013

 I am Dave Reesor and today I am in Mossleigh, Alberta on land farmed by Ian Donovan. Ian is in the middle of spring seeding. His 535 horsepower tractor is pulling a 65 foot or roughly 20 meter wide no-till seeder with fertilizer and seed tank in tow. Ian is a fourth-generation grain farmer who got his start at a very young age. Ian: “I rented my first piece of land, my Dad rented with me, when I was 15 so got a little taste of farming then. And then my Dad had a stroke when I was …

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Gender Selective Abortion

April 4, 2013

Every year in India a million girls go missing. China is currently missing over 40 million girls. What on earth is going on? Ultrasound.Ultrasound imaging can determine the sex of an unborn child and in countries where girls are considered of less value than boys, girl fetuses are often selectively aborted. This assault against females has spread to western countries including Canada. Thankfully, 90 percent of Canadians oppose this barbaric practice. In order to simply make a statement…

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Going Back For Our Future

March 21, 2013

Hi. My name is Dave Reesor and I’m the founder of the Let's Do It Ourselves movement. I grew up on a farm like this. Actually I farmed for about ten years and then I moved to the city and went into business. I’m a family man and I’m a concerned citizen.Like many of you, I’ve followed and been involved in small c conservative politics. But in spite of our efforts we’ve seen the overall size and cost of government continue to grow. The result is that our kids and grandkids are …

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Truth Can Be Inconvenient

March 13, 2013

Last fall my wife and I were in Yuma Arizona for a few days and we had some time to kill so we took in a couple of movies. One of them was, "Trouble with the Curve" starring Clint Eastwood. We loved it. The critics… they hated it.  But then most critics are liberals and don’t like Clint Eastwood; especially after his, "conversation" with the President at the Republican National Convention. Even critics bring their biases to the movies. The other movie we saw was, “Argo” which …

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