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Keystone XL Pipeline

May 22, 2013

Hi. I am Dave Reesor

The Keystone XL pipeline has been in the news a lot lately. That is the one that will carry oil from Canada’s oil sands to Steele City, Nebraska. 

On the way, about 25% of its capacity will be used to pick up oil from North Dakota and Montana. Then from Steele City it will go on the existing Keystone pipeline to refineries in Texas. Canadian and American oil will replace Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil. 

For some reason that seems to upset some Hollywood elites and some so-called environmentalists. Here are a few facts. 

The US currently has 2.5 million miles of petroleum and natural gas pipelines. The Keystone XL will add 1200 miles. Oil is going to be moved. The Obama administration’s delay in approving the XL has already led to a massive increase in shipment by rail. Rail is relatively safe. After all, we ship all sorts of dangerous chemicals by rail but pipelines are 3 times safer. 

Newer pipelines are safer pipelines. The recent oil spill in Arkansas was from a 65 year old pipeline. Some pipelines are approaching 100 years old. With cars, when you replace a beater with a new one everyone’s safer. It’s the same with pipelines.

We have included a link to a mostly very informative and balanced article on pipelines. There is one exception. Trans Canada recently shut down the entire existing Keystone pipeline because of, “a small anomaly”. The article quotes Joe Mendleson of the National Wildlife Federation as saying that, "The reason TransCanada needs to keep shutting down Keystone is because pipelines are inherently dangerous."

Really? Would you rather fly with an airline that ignores small anomalies or one that fixes them? The fact is that pipelines are inherently safe. Like airplanes, pipelines become dangerous when they pass their expected service life and are not replaced or when the agencies that are charged with regulating them fail to do their job.

But that’s just logical and based on facts. Don’t expect logical thinking from the National Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, James Hansen (formerly of NASA) or Hollywood’s elitists. They all subscribe to Al Gore’s idea that if the facts don’t fit just make some up that do. 

The Keystone XL is a new, state of the art pipeline that will produce jobs, reduce American reliance on Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil and help secure America’s energy needs long into the future. 

That should be a no brainer! This is Dave Reesor for LDIO.org

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