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Gender Selective Abortion

April 4, 2013

Every year in India a million girls go missing. China is currently missing over 40 million girls. What on earth is going on? Ultrasound.

Ultrasound imaging can determine the sex of an unborn child and in countries where girls are considered of less value than boys, girl fetuses are often selectively aborted. This assault against females has spread to western countries including Canada. Thankfully, 90 percent of Canadians oppose this barbaric practice. In order to simply make a statement about Canadian opposition to this assault on females, Conservative MP Mark Warawa tabled Motion 408.

Motion 408 simply calls on Parliament to condemn the practice of using ultrasound to select female babies for abortion. Incredibly, all our political parties oppose this motion. If you support equality how can you possibly justify opposing a motion that affirms that in Canada, boys and girls are valued equally? If you are a member of parliament how do you justify opposing the will of your constituents the majority of whom would support this motion?

I support much of what Parliament has done under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper. But sadly, our Prime Minister has thrown the weight of his office against Mr. Warawa’s motion. So I’d like to say this to Mr. Harper.

Prime Minister, you have been gifted with an exceptional mind. You have been given the gift of communicating ideas with clarity. You have been given a position of leadership in Canada and on the world stage. This is an opportunity for you to exercise leadership. Over 90 percent of Canadians are against sex selective abortion. If you are unprepared to lead a motion that simply expresses our disgust at the practise of selecting females for abortion then would you at least get out of the way?

This is Dave Reesor for the girls in my life and for the Let's Do It Ourselves movement. 


Use the link above to Poke the Prime Minister. Tell him how you feel about his position on Motion 408.

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